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Underwear as a base for all outfit

Often over looked, underwear is the foundation of every outfit. The right bra or knickers can take any outfit to the next level by creating a smooth and sleek silhouette.

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I am a huge fan of big knickers because I have a size-able bum, but I have to live with having VPL at all times. Wearing a thong or seamless knickers (available from Primark to M&S) can help to provide a seamless look. Sticking with pants, a shop (control) pair really up the anti, making body-conscious dresses fit and look amazing. Choose from different rises (high leg, low-rise…) or go the full hog and get the cycle shorts type. Don’t forget that what is being squeezed in from one place will end up somewhere else. Shape wear can also include camisoles, tank tops and corsets to nip and tuck as required.

If shape wear isn’t your bag, I would suggest simple things like going up a size in your underwear if needed, so it skims and does not cling. A high-waisted brief also serves well to pull you in around the waist in a less intensive way.

Your bra is another game changer, and should be considered carefully alongside your chosen outfit. There is nothing worse than a bra strap or lace on display. There are some great silicone bras that are backless, or strapless. There are lacey types that will add to the outfit. My favourite type of bra is a balconette bra, as it gives you a high (supported) full look. This type of bra only works with high or scoop neck tops. Explore your local department store and try on different shaped bras to find what works for you.

Protect you dignity and invest in some petticoats, slips, and camisoles; they help to flatter your figure but also help cover any transparency in the outerwear.

I will be doing a future post with my top pics for underwear.

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