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Dressing for the Office Party Season

Its the 2nd of December, and the party season is upon us. Every year, i buy umpteen outfits, and then the following year somehow I have nothing to wear again. I think the most difficult party outfit to master is the work Christmas Do. Not only do you want to look glam with out being OTT, you also don’t want to wear anything too revealing, or anything that is going to be difficult to put on in the ladies toilets. Here are some of my tips to help you make the right  choices.

  1. Don’t wear anything too revealing, you don’t want to expose yourself after one too many drinks at the “free bar”. Also remember, legs out or boobs out, not both.
  2. Everyone wants to stand out, but pick a classic colour and style which you can re-wear again next year, or for other parties you have in December. You can add some extra glam/difference to your outfit with accessories.
  3. Nothing says the festive season like velvet and satin, these are my favourite materials at this time of year.
  4. Choosing a dress or playsuit is great if you are getting changed at work, as it is one item of clothing (although be aware of trying to get out of a playsuit to go to the toilet after one two any drink).
  5. Once you have got you outfit sorted, don’t forget the underwear. Shape control underwear can smooth all of the lumps and bumps for example. Or a strapless bra can make all of the different to a strapless dress, if you can’t wear strapless, a lace bra, can always add a nice addition to a backless dress, or plunging neck line.

Here are some of my favourite Party outfits:

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