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New Year, New You?

As the clock chimes 2019, I am usually thinking about how I am going to re-invent my wardrobe for 2019. However for once I am not really feeling that vibe, and the reason for that is a book called “The Curated Closet Workbook: Discover Your Personal Style and Build Your Dream Wardrobe“. It basically shoes you how to shop smartly, and like the title says find your own style rather than helplessly chasing after later trends.

H&M Changing rooms 05/01/19

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2. Tis the season for knitwear

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I adore knitwear, it is my favourite thing by far, which makes autumn and winter my favourite time of year. There is no better feeling than cosying up in a warm woolly jumper during this time of year.

When buying knitwear however it can be difficult, because you need to think about where you are going to wear the knitwear, and also what you are going to wear the knitwear with. For example if you are buying something to don for work, a thinner knit works better, as it will always look professional, and is less likely to bobble. Also if you are wearing a jumper with high waisted trousers, either a cropped style so you don’t have to tuck it in, or a thin knit so you don’t end up with a bulge under your trousers.

So…how to make the right decisions. Here are some of my own tips/ considerations:

  1. Think of what type of fabrics you are buying. Natural fibres like wool, mohair (and dare I say it angora) are much warmer, so they are perfect if you want to buy a thinner knit and still stay warm. The downside of natural fibres is that they can be tricky to wash, you need a washing machine with a special wool cycle (or 20/30 degree option) and a slow spin cycle to finish. I would suggest a natural and man-made fibre mix to improve the washing options. Man-made fibres are much cheaper in price, and are less likely to bobble than the natural variety. The down side is that they are not as warm, and they do not always wear well; they are however less likely to get eaten by moths, who love wool.
  2. Next on the agenda is shape. You should consider what your own shape is. If you are broad on top, go for thinner knits to avoid making look yourself larger. If you do what to wear a bulkier knit, go for a wide v-neck or a scoop neck. Also consider wearing something with more volume on your bottom half to balance your shape out. If you do not have broad shoulders, I would suggest playing with proportions. like a baggy jumper with skinny jeans. A roll neck, or round neck will definitely accentuate shoulders, and breasts and teamed with a belted waist can help to create an hourglass figure.
  3. Where to buy your knitwear from? For reasonable man-made fibres; Primark, H&M, and Zara are great. M&S, And Other Stories and Uniqlo are great for mid-price knits in natural fibres (cashmere, merino wool etc.). There a plenty of high-end labels that do great knitwear, some of my favourites are Ganni, Joseph or Eileen Fisher.
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Dressing for the Office Party Season

Its the 2nd of December, and the party season is upon us. Every year, i buy umpteen outfits, and then the following year somehow I have nothing to wear again. I think the most difficult party outfit to master is the work Christmas Do. Not only do you want to look glam with out being OTT, you also don’t want to wear anything too revealing, or anything that is going to be difficult to put on in the ladies toilets. Here are some of my tips to help you make the right  choices.

  1. Don’t wear anything too revealing, you don’t want to expose yourself after one too many drinks at the “free bar”. Also remember, legs out or boobs out, not both.
  2. Everyone wants to stand out, but pick a classic colour and style which you can re-wear again next year, or for other parties you have in December. You can add some extra glam/difference to your outfit with accessories.
  3. Nothing says the festive season like velvet and satin, these are my favourite materials at this time of year.
  4. Choosing a dress or playsuit is great if you are getting changed at work, as it is one item of clothing (although be aware of trying to get out of a playsuit to go to the toilet after one two any drink).
  5. Once you have got you outfit sorted, don’t forget the underwear. Shape control underwear can smooth all of the lumps and bumps for example. Or a strapless bra can make all of the different to a strapless dress, if you can’t wear strapless, a lace bra, can always add a nice addition to a backless dress, or plunging neck line.

Here are some of my favourite Party outfits:

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1. Dressing Boots for Autumn

I have to say that autumn is my favourite time of year. I love knitwear, coats, and layering up. The colour palette is also beautiful with rusts,  forest greens, burgundies and deep mustards. I think that a lot of people struggle with different elements of dressing for this season though, from what types of boots to wears with jeans or dresses, and how to work all of the different colours together which layering ultimately involves. Also buying the right coat for your shape and height, and the correct material to head for (i.e acrylic versus cashmere etc.).

I am going to write a series of posts on how to dress for Autumn beginning with “How to Dress Boots” with different items of clothing.

This year in particular I have not made the best choices with boots, being drawn into the latest styles, and attempting to find the whole grail of slouchy boots. Here are my thoughts on what to wear, depending on your height and shape. 

I am 5ft 3inches, I would say I am quite curvy, with a 34C bust, small waist and big bum. My shape is either a pear or an hourglass figure (due to my broad-ish shoulders). I have slightly longer legs, and a short body; my legs are quite thick, especially my thighs. I do however have small ankles which is something I try to emphasise. Ankle boots are my favourite friend come winter, as they keep my feet warm, but don’t shorten my body. I can also get away with a calf boot, but knee or thighs make my thighs look huge. Any let’s break down each boot at a time.

Ankle Boots – these are a fail safe for everyone. The boot can range from high on the ankle heading into the calf, to just above the ankle bone. It you have slim or long legs, than you get away with a higher cut, similarly if you do not have a defined ankle, a high cut, can give the illusion of a narrower one. Here are some examples of how I have styled my ankle boots, with some key styles:

Mix textures, in this case snakeskin and check.
A chunky boot can really toughen up an outfit
Wear with or without tights, a low ankle boot makes your ankles much smaller.

Calf Boots – one to be aware of, they are again flattering for most sizes and shapes of leg, but what you were with it is important. If you have a slim/long legs wear them with short skirts, or tucked into jeans, or withe dresses of all lengths. For those of you who have more shapely legs like myself, I would suggest wearing them under a three quarter length dress, or under long culottes. If you are going to wear them with something short, make sure that there is at least a 0.5cm space between the boot and your calf on both sides, as this make your leg look slimmer (muffin tops on your leg is not a good look). Here are some examples of how I have styled calf boots:

Calf boots are perfect under long culottes.
Slouch boots and long skirts work perfectly together.

Knee high or Over the Knee (OTK) boots – its the trickiest of all boots, because it basically cuts your leg in half. If you have larger thighs like myself, I would suggest giving them a miss. If you really do want a pair, I would wear them with a three quarter length or longer dress or trousers, so that the boot goes underneath. I think this especially works with a slouchy style. If you have slim/long legs than a knee high/ over the knee boot than you can probably pull of the footwear with short and long style garments. Here are some examples of how I have styled knee high boots:

A baggy jumper dress can make your legs look slimmer.
Pale colour boots are a big trend for AW18