SERIES: What is in my bag?

By Linda Odame

I love reading these articles, or watching copious amounts of this content on youtube. I am of the rule that I want a small bag because I am a small person, yet I need to carry everything minus the kitchen sink.

So for my latest magic trick, here are all of the things that I fit in one of my many small bags.

Leather wallet, Mulberry – since as long as I can remember I have had a leather wallet, I love this one, because it is so hard wearing, I have had it for about 3 years, and it is still going strong.

Image of a dark red leather Mulberry wallet
Mulberry Leather Wallet, image taken from Mulberry

Key Wallet, Osprey – this was a Christmas present to myself. I had enough of trying to untangle my keyrings in my bag, so this just keeps everything neat, and it is so much easier to grab in the dark.

Card Holder, Marc Jacobs – for cards I need to grab quickly, like my Oyster or Nectar card, very practical.

Eight Hour Cream, Elizabeth Arden – the ultimate life saver. Gives you gorgeous, moisturised lips 24/7 however, also great on elbows, knees or my Hayfever worn nose.

Image of Elizabeth Arden Intensive Lip Repair Balm
Image taken from Elizabeth Arden

Handcream, Nivea – no description needed, I have got to keep my hands hydrated.

Carrier Bag, always trying to be more sustainable

PowerMatte Lip Pigment, Nars – emergency lipstick, for if I need to look my best, or go out for drinks after work. Love a dark red lip.

Image taken from Nars

Tissues – in the summer my Hayfever is awful, so this is a must.

Eye drops – either for hayfever, or my contact lenses.

Contact lenses – when I want to switch up my glasses look.

Earrings – usually I have taken them out for the gym, and forgotten to put them back in.

Hand Sanitiser – you have to be very careful these days.

Receipts – I am awful at chucking these out! Oops.

If I have a bigger bag – I would definitely a cardigan or thin jumper to this list. You never know with the English weather.

5 Key bag silhouettes everyone needs in their wardrobe

By Olivia Usai

When it comes to handbags, each design has its own individual identity and unique features, however the secret to building a covetable and long lasting handbag collection is not giving in to impulsive buys but rather investing in wardrobe staples that not only matches your personal style aesthetic but also the ease to work that particular bag style around any look or occasion.

There are many reasons behind every woman’s desire to purchase a new bag with most usually not around practicality and necessity however, there are always a few important factors to consider when buying a new edition and the first question usually being ‘Do I love it?’ Let’s admit it, we don’t just buy a new handbag or purse; as the Americans would put it, to carry stuff around in it. You buy a new Handbag because you want to flaunt it and show it off. It’s an accessory, it adorns your look and elevates your style and personality so you have to be in love with it, otherwise it will just end up sitting in a pile at the back of your closet in the ‘eBay queue’ with the rest of the bad choices and impulse buys; you know what I’m talking about.

Picking well and ensuring your choice will not only carry you through the seasons is very important when considering buying a good bag. You will love it more if it is something that can be worn in so many different ways, with several looks and not only justifies the price you paid, but will also last a very long time. To help you get an idea, we have narrowed it down to 5 of our favourite classics which we think are absolutely key silhouettes to have in your wardrobe and things to consider when buying your next bag. Now let’s get into it!

1. The Bucket Bag – We are all too familiar with the Bucket bag  and don’t we just love the idea behind it. However, If you have ever owned one you will know it can be hard to find one that has just the right features. A bucket is a great staple piece for everyone to have because this can be the perfect, casual ‘go to’ when “popping out” and it literally carries EVERYTHING! You can certainly manipulate its shape and stuff it and it will still look just as good. However,  trying to find anything in a stuffed Bucket can easily turn into an unwelcome  task and I often find myself having to scoop everything out just to get to that one tiny thing at the very bottom.

Key things to consider:

Does it have an additional handle that can go around your arm or over your shoulder with ease?

Buckets  usually come with a drawstring closure, but it would be a great option to have one that has an Inner bag with fastening for additional security.

Lastly, just that little extra side zip would make a world of difference for storing away keys and small essential bits n ‘bobs.

Drawing of a duffle bag
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Classic Handbag styles over the decades.

By Olivia Usai

Of all accessories, The Handbag is one of the most used and covetable items and has held the most tangible links to fashion for the longest time. Unlike most stylish clothing, a Handbag has nothing to do with size, height or fit;  It simply requires a shoulder or wrist to show it off and nothing more. Moreover, A handbag has been perceived as a status symbol and ultimately represents key looks of each season be it by colour, style or adornment and has journeyed on the wrists and shoulders of countless women across the decades from the backrooms of design houses to the elite and working class. Handbags have often been reflective of the times and carry a strong sociological significance along with them and every decade has its portable icon.

We take a look back at some of history’s biggest and era defining handbags and oh my what a journey it has been. However, we learn through the timeline that the real value of a bag is not just in its quality and ability to surpass the trends of time – but it is in the story of how it came to be.

The 1930s saw an iteration of the earliest pochettes come into mainstream fashion. Bags reflected the Art Deco movement with the illusion of new materials and interesting details in plastic and zippers on shoulder bags, clasp bags and clutches, and by the 1940s the earlier Art Deco style changed to a Military Austere style following World War 2. Handbags became bigger to be more self-sufficient and adapt to the times and needs of women of those times.

Come the 1950s, design houses including Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes entered the market and changed the game. With Gabriel Chanel in particular creating the most revolutionary bag of the decade: The Chanel 2.55. In 1955 the then young, fledgling designer created a quilted-leather bag that swung from a long, slender chain. The 2.55 was the first bag to offer a shoulder strap, introducing an era of hands-free ease to a generation of women previously restricted by stiff top handles. It was a Hallelujah moment as with the 2.55 came a new kind of freedom for women and opened doors to a world of possibilities and new inventions in the bag design industry.

Classic Chanel Flap Bag image taken from Sweet & Spark
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Things to consider when buying a bag!

As a bag enthusiast, well it’s more like an obsession. I have put together a list of 5 things to consider when choosing to invest in a bag. Have a read, and then go and bag that purchase.


This is really important, do not spend more money then you have. I like to think about cost per wear when I am deciding on a bag. If I know that I am going to wear it a lot, then I will probably spend more. Trend versus a classic piece also comes into play here. A PVC clear bag for example, is something I might only wear for one season, so I would rather spend £20 in the high-street on it. A timeless black bag on the other hand, I would be happy to put down some real cash for as I will wear it for many years.

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Introducing Me

Wearing H&M roll neck, vintage denim tunic, Kurt Geiger white cowboy boots.

My name is Linda, and I have always been into fashion, and as I have gotten older even more so into style. As the saying goes, fashions come and go, but style is ever lasting. 

I studied fashion at university (I have my Masters in Strategic Fashion Marketing), and have worked in retail head office for over 13 years so I feel that I have definitely earned my fashion chops. Shopping is my favourite past-time, and I love nothing better than pulling together outfits and accessories

I would describe my style as an eclectic mixture of old lady glam, and smart separates. I have never met a knit that I did not like, the more over-sized the better.

Currently I am…living in South London with my cat Ruffles, working in Ecommerce, learning how to speak french, lusting over a medium Chanel Flap bag and wanting to be on holiday in Canada.

I decided to start this business because of my passion for retail and products. I wanted to work on a project where I could use all of the things that I had learnt throughout my career and grow a business. 

So come on guys, lets go on a fashion journey together.

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