SERIES: What is in my bag?

By Linda Odame

I love reading these articles, or watching copious amounts of this content on youtube. I am of the rule that I want a small bag because I am a small person, yet I need to carry everything minus the kitchen sink.

So for my latest magic trick, here are all of the things that I fit in one of my many small bags.

Leather wallet, Mulberry – since as long as I can remember I have had a leather wallet, I love this one, because it is so hard wearing, I have had it for about 3 years, and it is still going strong.

Image of a dark red leather Mulberry wallet
Mulberry Leather Wallet, image taken from Mulberry

Key Wallet, Osprey – this was a Christmas present to myself. I had enough of trying to untangle my keyrings in my bag, so this just keeps everything neat, and it is so much easier to grab in the dark.

Card Holder, Marc Jacobs – for cards I need to grab quickly, like my Oyster or Nectar card, very practical.

Eight Hour Cream, Elizabeth Arden – the ultimate life saver. Gives you gorgeous, moisturised lips 24/7 however, also great on elbows, knees or my Hayfever worn nose.

Image of Elizabeth Arden Intensive Lip Repair Balm
Image taken from Elizabeth Arden

Handcream, Nivea – no description needed, I have got to keep my hands hydrated.

Carrier Bag, always trying to be more sustainable

PowerMatte Lip Pigment, Nars – emergency lipstick, for if I need to look my best, or go out for drinks after work. Love a dark red lip.

Image taken from Nars

Tissues – in the summer my Hayfever is awful, so this is a must.

Eye drops – either for hayfever, or my contact lenses.

Contact lenses – when I want to switch up my glasses look.

Earrings – usually I have taken them out for the gym, and forgotten to put them back in.

Hand Sanitiser – you have to be very careful these days.

Receipts – I am awful at chucking these out! Oops.

If I have a bigger bag – I would definitely a cardigan or thin jumper to this list. You never know with the English weather.

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