5 Key bag silhouettes everyone needs in their wardrobe

By Olivia Usai

When it comes to handbags, each design has its own individual identity and unique features, however the secret to building a covetable and long lasting handbag collection is not giving in to impulsive buys but rather investing in wardrobe staples that not only matches your personal style aesthetic but also the ease to work that particular bag style around any look or occasion.

There are many reasons behind every woman’s desire to purchase a new bag with most usually not around practicality and necessity however, there are always a few important factors to consider when buying a new edition and the first question usually being ‘Do I love it?’ Let’s admit it, we don’t just buy a new handbag or purse; as the Americans would put it, to carry stuff around in it. You buy a new Handbag because you want to flaunt it and show it off. It’s an accessory, it adorns your look and elevates your style and personality so you have to be in love with it, otherwise it will just end up sitting in a pile at the back of your closet in the ‘eBay queue’ with the rest of the bad choices and impulse buys; you know what I’m talking about.

Picking well and ensuring your choice will not only carry you through the seasons is very important when considering buying a good bag. You will love it more if it is something that can be worn in so many different ways, with several looks and not only justifies the price you paid, but will also last a very long time. To help you get an idea, we have narrowed it down to 5 of our favourite classics which we think are absolutely key silhouettes to have in your wardrobe and things to consider when buying your next bag. Now let’s get into it!

1. The Bucket Bag – We are all too familiar with the Bucket bag  and don’t we just love the idea behind it. However, If you have ever owned one you will know it can be hard to find one that has just the right features. A bucket is a great staple piece for everyone to have because this can be the perfect, casual ‘go to’ when “popping out” and it literally carries EVERYTHING! You can certainly manipulate its shape and stuff it and it will still look just as good. However,  trying to find anything in a stuffed Bucket can easily turn into an unwelcome  task and I often find myself having to scoop everything out just to get to that one tiny thing at the very bottom.

Key things to consider:

Does it have an additional handle that can go around your arm or over your shoulder with ease?

Buckets  usually come with a drawstring closure, but it would be a great option to have one that has an Inner bag with fastening for additional security.

Lastly, just that little extra side zip would make a world of difference for storing away keys and small essential bits n ‘bobs.

Drawing of a duffle bag

2. The Messenger – This bag is ideal for girls on the go. An over-the-shoulder bag that can also be worn across-the-body allowing freedom of movement for the hands to multitask away and juggle many things at once be it coffee in one hand whilst you quickly reply to those e-mails on the move.

Key things to consider:

Is it large enough for you to carry the essentials?

Is it made of good leather? You need your messenger to be firm, structured and built to be battered.

You are going to need a strong strap as this baby is designed to carry the weight of the world darl’!

Drawing of a flap bag

3. The Tote – A Classic wardrobe staple that will take you from the office straight to dinner. Not ideal for early evening drinks though but this beauty is classy, sophisticated and screams personality depending on its design features. A tote has always been considered ‘The serious bag’ but more recently you see them tucked under dinner tables at posh restaurants and bars and for a style that has always been associated with the workplace, it’s refreshing to see it’s adaptability and watch it evolve into a fun but stylish bag that firmly carries the statement ‘Beauty with Brains.’

Key things to consider:

Does it have plenty of space and at least two good compartments?

The ideal tote comes with not one but two handles and the cherry on top would be the option to attach a long strap so you can sling it over the shoulder on those mid-week social evening.

Drawing of a tote bag

 4. The Clutch Every girl needs a good clutch, one that is not too big it carries your entire life but just the right size to hold your phone, keys, lippy, card holder and small bottle of perfume without looking like a stuffed  potato. We’ve all had that ‘Oh no moment’ where you wished you’d left that one thing at home because you overestimated your space, but the perfect clutch has just enough space for you to have everything you need without dragging along the dead weight.

Key things to consider:

Weight of the clutch itself, it shouldn’t be too heavy before you’ve even put anything inside it.

Should have  an inside zip for the secure storage of the cardholder and a good length strap. Personally, a long or adjustable one would be ideal so that when the time comes you can fling it across the body and dance the night away for a magically hands free experience.

Drawing of a clutch bag

5. The flap bag – Now this is a real winner as it sits nicely between ‘The Tote’ and ‘The Clutch’ both in size and viability. This can be the all-day and every day bag. And it will work for that formal occasion i.e. a Wedding, it can take you from dinner through to a night-out and back to the office the next day without looking at all out of place. Inspired by the Chanel flap, the flap bag is the ultimate piece to have as it ticks all the boxes and if you can invest in a more sustainable, 100% leather version then you’ll be set up for the next few years before needing an upgrade.

Key things to consider:

Colour – Size  and Quality – That’s all!

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