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New Year, New You?

As the clock chimes 2019, I am usually thinking about how I am going to re-invent my wardrobe for 2019. However for once I am not really feeling that vibe, and the reason for that is a book called “The Curated Closet Workbook: Discover Your Personal Style and Build Your Dream Wardrobe“. It basically shoes you how to shop smartly, and like the title says find your own style rather than helplessly chasing after later trends.

H&M Changing rooms 05/01/19

The principles are simple, and very logical. You can follow a step by step guide to reach your goal. What I took away from the book, and what has taken me away from my usual, buy millions of new clothes in a constant cycle is identifying a colour palette, which meant they most of the items in my wardrobe work together. I also examined my wardrobe, and made sure if was fit for purpose, for example I am at work 60% of the time, so making sure that 60% of my wardrobe was work clothes. In the past I had a lot of going out clothes, but I probably only go out 5% of the time. The final think that I took away from the book was creating a uniform of sorts/ identifying what silhouettes work for my shape. All of these things helped me to hone my personal style, and really focused me, so when I do go out shopping, I buy the right things.

I feel liberated going into SS19, which will be by third season of a capsule wardrobe, knowing that I probably need only 4 or 5 new showstopper pieces to have a credible new season wardrobe.

Check our my Pinterest board here to see what type of things I want to buy for SS19.


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