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Introducing Me

Wearing H&M roll neck, vintage denim tunic, Kurt Geiger white cowboy boots.

My name is Linda, and I have always been into fashion, and as I have gotten older even more so into style. As the saying goes, fashions come and go, but style is ever lasting. I have found the silhouettes that suit my body shape, regardless of trends, and I invest in these pieces to create an effective capsule wardrobe.

I studied fashion at university (I have my Masters in Strategic Fashion Marketing), and have worked in retail head office for over 10 years so I feel that I have definitely earned my fashion chops. Shopping is my favourite past-time, and I love nothing better than pulling together outfits for myself, friends or clients.

I would describe my style as an eclectic mixture of old lady glam, and smart separates. I have never met a knit that I did not like, the more over-sized the better.

Currently I am…living in South London with my cat Ruffles, working in Ecommerce, learning how to speak french, lusting over a medium Chanel Flap bag and wanting to be on holiday in Canada.

So come on guys, lets go on a fashion journey together.

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